It was 2008 when I was introduced to blogging and earning money from it, easily and effectively. Since then I learnt a lot about it, the way it works. From free blogging service of blogspot to hosted WordPress blogs there was a lot for learning and implementing. It was time when I was also trying to cop up with my studies. Managing blogs and studies was quite easy as working late night always worked. Hard work, home work, exams, executing on right time, scheduling were the keys which helping me out.

Now its year 2012: Now I own a job in a hospital which I joined on 2010. A place where I work to earn major part of my earnings but always looking forward for blogging and earning online. All the major projects have declined to zero earnings just because of bad timing, bad scheduling of time work both on job and blogs in a daily routine. 

Now here I am trying to pull the remaining efforts to start up new projects for same sake of passion and earning behind it. Karachi Clifton – A Complete City Guide which will aim helping the natives of Karachi and Clifton area to find out the right information at the right time with easy. Check it out.

Secondly, Medical Blog for focusing on the medical updates, events and licensing exams preparation for students and job seekers in UAE.

Lets hope I mint out right productivity in this year of 2012.