Google is everything now on the internet, it is like a mega giant to cater everything from the social services to the personal and blogging platform to the basic searching needs to the video related need of a geek. Geek are also well pampered by it, by its Google Code. SEO techniques are also ON now to take care by webmasters. What else left ? an operating system ! but what if google is already done it or in a way to get that too professionally. Google is working OS with Ubunto and named it gOS.

What is to ponder is the tactic by google for its users in each and every service. It is google manipulated results in its search facility. One is very bad and one is something like good for some but bad for me. Good one first to understand the second one.

Google is very strong in its policies as it shares the main lead in searching, so it dont want to benefit its rivals or competing portals from it. The one most prominent example is of Bitvertiser, it is something not close to google to adsense but it is competant to google adsense in almost many ways as it offers ads in feeds also like google. Even google feed service feed burner can also be integrated with bitvetiser. But try to search this Bitvertiser from GOogle search, not only the bitvertiser pages are deleted even the main page listing is deleted. So pathetic. Consider how many services then be deleted from their search queries, which is altogether a bad user experience. It is against SEO (Search Enging Optimisation).

Second one is also something related to manipulated results. Google by default is now recording the habits of your search to offer you future results according to your searching habbits, it is fine for many users as they really follow their routine, even google depicts this in their yearly zeitgeist. Try to look Pakistan’s searching trends.

So, How it is not good ? Consider me, I user their search engine as the resource center for studying resource for my university assignments and on the other hand as a resource for blogging the tech news at my tech blog, which is although not new or lates but a few days old. What I am trying to say is that my blogging search comes mainly from blogs and from the deep internet websites, but when I search for my assignments I need results from the professional covering websites as well as the language should also be good enough to reckon the authenticity of the material or text content.

Appeared at Pakspectator and also at Digital Lounge and PakSpeaks