Results of most awaited yesterday Elections 2008 have poured in. Shocking and the most unexpected turn over is the defeat of PML(Q) in their own areas, including all chaudries. Somehow Nawaz League has dominated them but PPPP has finally won Elections February 2008 with a great lead.

Situation about four major provinces of Pakistan is like as follows .

Over all there will be joint government of PPPP and PML (N) in Pakistan and Prime Minsiter will be of PPPP. In NWFP there will b ANP lead joint govt with PPPP. In Punjab province there will be PML(N) lead joint govt with PPPP, and in balochistan there will be PML (Q) with PPPP but in sindh there will be no joint govt, PPPP is in position to make single party govt and Chief Minister will be of PPPP.