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It’s valentine time again and I haven’t found anyone ready to be my beloved red-red valentine. That’s not fair at all, every boy in universe have someone to designate as valentine although he don’t care about her after the 14th’s evening. It’s really terrible for me to think myself as lonely crow oh i meant lonely bird to be called as love bird. What to do now? is there any option or place to find a kilo of them, I mean at least only one to come with me, to say all day with me saying some lovely shairies, sending me the love greetings or at least gift me some expensive watch…! It can be fulfilled but unfortunately only in my dreams, sad huh ! (

One should give it a try as “Where there’s a Will, there’s a way”. How’s about pasting a vacancy on the college noticeboard? ATTENTION VALENTINE NEEDED ! or running a compaign on tv .. or spamming it into the orkut communities holding the contests like Beautiful Orkut Girl(not boys), with the main pink tag line …Be a valentine and free appreciation, (nice offer for those who don’t listen many kind words whole day) any one can apply then in the end listing all the restrictions which may include ..

* Apply with 3 model photos with different poses and dresses..
* Age should be not more then 25 ;)
* Should be a girl, no matter how beautiful.
* Apply with the name of gift (required). Gift will be opened before starting dating to prevent frauds.
* Ready to pay date bill
* Should have personal cell no to be contacted (for sms chatting)
* ….more will be provided via sms.

Selected valentine will be awarded with the delicious full packet of Made in Pakistan (not china) Chocolates which are itself the symbol of love sharing and valentine’s standard gift since ages.

It looks nice to market the valentine needs as there should not be anything hidden such a sacred relation.. lol. So here is a way for you all to search for your valentine with a broad approach. Any confusion can be removed by calling +92143143143