I knew about the anger and frustration which I read at my this post. I am sorry at my words, I didnt meant it that way as it has occured. I really condemn this act of terror. Who ever have done this should be punished.

Country mourns over the assassination of the first woman leader of the nation in a suicidal terrorist attack. The attacker fired at her vehicle as she left a political rally, The Associated Press reported, and then blew himself up, killing at least a dozen other people. At 6:16 p.m. she expired. She was the first upfront lady of the country. In October i’ve written a post about her to Go away as our people are losing the lives because of her but unfortunately today she left me thinking about my view. I am still confused, still my mind is boggling about it. All in all, she should’nt deserved to be deceased in this way.

Click below on the image to watch one of the video from a news channel.


According to The News Thirty persons including Chairperson, Pakistan Peoples Party, Ms Benazir Bhutto were killed and several others injured in an attack here outside Liaquat Bagh,(where first Prime Minister of Pakistan Liaquat Ali Khan was also assassinated) Rawaplpindi on Thursday.