22nd of July 2007

Today I didn’t slept because I was reading Sidney Sheldon’s bloodline. It comprises of two books I & II but I got them as one. It was my first novel from Sidney’s collection. No body recommended but a classmate of mine chose him to as to spend vacations with his novels. She mentioned me several times but I wasn’t interested to get one of his. But day before yesterday I decided to read one that she had started recently.

First impression is the lat impression proved wrong here. As I opened the book I got a glimpse of this.


The physician will carefully prepare a mixture of crocodiles’ dung, lizard flesh, bat’s blodd and camels’ spit…

………from a papyrus listing 811, prescription used by Egyptian 1550BC.


Egypt and his ancient civilization has always impressed me, so as this book will certainly have something for me and at the end of 3rd chapter I found myself in realm of suspense Mr. Sheldon was popular for. Story progressed, characters profiled in detail; their sexual lives were extraordinarily scribbled by the writer that may think a reader as he is watching a movie instead of reading a novel. Suspense and feelings of love and lust for money was quite rich in middle and late middle part of story but as soon as this get over these all vanished to end up as ending was done by an amateur. However, I don’t know about his other written pieces but he is a writer to be read by the people who want to change their tactics either with the colleagues or people with fake faces.