Plagiarism is recently observed to be a most dangerous and wide spread disease to affect the talented people because it masks the creativity and weakens the ability to reckon one’s hidden creativity. It also stimulates the guilt by providing the shortcut ideas towards achieving the tasks in much less time and hardly any serious mind usage and input in fact the completed work seems original even one may face a tough time to guess about its originality.

Plagiarism is still far enough to be detected but necessity is the mother of invention so as and here internet comes to the rescue but to some extent as there are some tools and websites available online which may detect copying in small scale.

Round the globe this disease has not only been noticed but even the special bodies are working against it to find out the affected people as well as their works being recognized as original by implementing certain measures. Those young writers who are affected by it and wants to get rid of this then they are all strictly avoided to think over its merits instead concentrate on your reading habits and to notice the composition as well try to guess about the feelings and consequences writer felt and implemented on his written piece of work by using selective words but i can bet on it that still there would be someone who wont be able to write good so it is better to opt for another field as every one is not a writer.

When one fetch information about plagiarism through search engines most of the results will be forwarding towards plagiarism done by the students of colleges and universities and ways to detect it but regarding Pakistan, plagiarism is thought to be a new term as being a student of Sindh university i personally observes the positive reaction by the teachers who prefer printed net-copied(plagiarized) material over the text submitted by researching and consulting half a dozen books.

I still remember my first introduction to this disease when i used to read Urdu monthly magazines. once in a popular child magazine i saw an apology note for a poem plagiarized by the writer nipped by the daughter of original writer by referring cuttings of the original book and seminar pamphlet resulting in black listing the culprit for two years.

Writer thinks for every aspect while writing a piece in such scenario i got stuck on a point that what would be the translation of plagiarism in Urdu then my friend who is an amateur writer, told me. “Plagiarism can be translated as “Adab Ki Chouri” which is quite fine to make a concept in those minds who are totally unaware of it.”