Internet was the only thing I like to be connected daily but now my spirit to get new information from blogs and online ezines is fading, may be due to limited internet access and my long break from blogging because in my busiest time still I was unable to get my hands on it but then like always I chose my cell to get connected to some RSS feeds and relax my mind but luck festers me this time esp. in May as I bought new cell LG KG 200 which is not so good in accessing WAP although I accessed net just to look some course related terms by some friends cell.

So for this time I am able to say that there is not any technology by which I am unable to past my time with out it.

Second thing during my exams I also felt a change in me which is that I am no longer interested in my reading hobby. Before I loved to read and read for hours but now I am feeling like I never read any good book before. Last week as soon as my vacations finished I brought Sherlock Holmes my favorite detective but I was unable to get in rhythm so I end up in watching T.V. movies and listening old Indian lovely classic songs. Even I joined the summer camp in Khana-e-farhang to learn urdu calligraphy but wasn’t able to concentrate don’t know why??

The only thing I like nowadays is to get connected to internet all the day and surf tons of websites along with soothing my eyes with creative works at deviantart and to edit some of them.