Salam and Hi to all my fellow bloggers. Atlast I am back resolving all the net problems, ISP ban over the blog as I ended up in getting the PTCL connection which hardly restricts any domain (yes not yet any) as well as from my semester exams, which were very hectic with bundles of pages to be crammed. This semester was my 1st of 3rd year and was the most hectic then previous ones, as it was the first time we were assigned assignments with the proper marks to be included in final result and the nightmare of an average student the vive sitting in front of the concerned teacher (not always here in sindh university) although I managed to get some good marks along with some nice expressions from the teacher…hahaha except only one who grinned at the end but that wasn’t my fault his question was wrong !!!

Blogging and internet is the only thing I missed a lot while busy in nights cramming but now I will try to blog regularly to my best as I have to experiment many things over again.

To get started I am tagging some hope all should even recognize me and drop me a little Hi…

Areeb, Asma, TeethMaestro, Funbie, essjee, Dreamland