Atlast, studies are quite understandable now, this semester is very intrested one. Introduction to Oodles of informative and tricky techniques for various things. One of such is Chromatography, (any one familiar with it). Since my last post I was quite busy with my mates to work n practice on this chromatography technique, but we performed two easy ones. One was paper chrmaotgraphy (ascending one only) and other was Thin Layer Chromatography. Altogether, it was a fun but bit hectic work b’coz being in evening shift we overtimed in morning timing and also attended classes in evening without ample lunch. Seperating the colours of black ink of Pellikan Ink and Dollar Ink. The best thing is that its each component is worth a research and can give you an M.Phill.

But now I am free, enjoying Muharram holidays. Uni will resume again on thursday, and hey do share your muhrram activities. Tagging Asma , Dreamy Girl, Areeb(Happy Birthday to your blog), PsycheD, esSJee.

P.S. I was expecting some comment from my last post asking to tell me about this comment b’coz i dont know how to tackle such comments, but in vain.