With the grace of God studies are on the go again but I should say this time all leactures are seems as we are studying an alien studies, although we are grown to read the base of all these stuff since science got started to injected in our vessels. But unfortunately all difficult subjects re-united again (after such a long time) and they are pouring their all terms techniques all over us. Today, while in a lecture of pharmacognosy, to avoid the snoozing I focused hard to concentrate to make things let in my brain but as soon as I managed to hang up with the term, suddenly our teacher throwed bounced back another term right next to me, I tried to recognise and make a thought to confirm fimiliarness for 10 secs but it seems as some alien made terms are infesting our pharmacy department.
In short things are quiet speedy. Today was my first semester to the 3rd year, but I was made to thinking that who made me to opt for this department or I should say our new born faculty.

P.S. Check out this strange comment , although I deleted similar (spam) comments instantly but it has something to do with Haroon – singer of Awaz group. What you think it is a fake one? b’coz that’s all I managed to. *girls and children visitors of this blog should avoid this and advised  not to read as adult* content*