It’s been 7 months I left, since then this blog got a wholesome of over 12,000 visits.  The best day was when I got 1,048 visitors in a day ever but unfortunately I didn’t managed to catch up the exact day to be most popular.

Even though there is still something lacking! Being cutious, I always check the search engine referred-ness to this blog, perhaps it always shows a healthy graph showcasing some latest inn topics available on this blog (which I share almost as soon as I got familiar with it), reffered by google and yahoo. But how dealt with the spam I receive each day thanks to Akismet ( a real sage in spamming blackout) just have a look on the counter in the bottom of the side bar, now it reads “2,995”, grr…

Well, I am in total mood to review my best scribblings last year, but allumdulillah my cable net is so two-timing a lot since a week so better not to bother anymore for it’s ability.