Finally, I’m back to the global village and here are three belated events to be scribbled about.

First of all a very Happy Eid Mubarak to my blogging fraternity. Secondly a very warm, cozy and delighted Happy New Year and what about the third one ! well well the third one is the 2nd birthday of my blogging time via this blog and the previous one.

Well, for the details!Β  I was damn busy in my papers till 8th of last month and was eagerly willing to update my blog but then my net cable got off but atlast I got my connection back last night and after some spam cleaning from deep inside this blog and checking the released updates of, here is the belated post.

So how is everyone and what’s up guyz, kya kya qurban kya ?

@Asma: yes it’s been a long cut-off for me too but thanks for msg !