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Website: Oceangram

Hey guys! You might be familiar with the old way to fetch help via sending messages in a bottle when someone was lost in an ocean. Ever wished to enjoy this type of communication in real? Here is a site which lets you experience the joy of sending and receiving messages via a corked bottle. Although you can’t use it to fetch help, you can write any message to let go and someone from around the world may pick it up from the ocean and read it.

A message can be a piece of wisdom you want to share, or a love letter hoping your favourite celebrity will pick it up. You can even practice expressing feelings, etc. If you want to write a message to be picked by someone in particular then simply click on the compass at the bottom-right side of the sand below and enter the email address of your friend and once you click the send bottle, the ocean currents will magically direct your bottle to that person only.

However, in order to receive a message you must be in standby mode because you won’t receive any message while writing or reading one; but remember you will hear a foghorn whenever a message arrives.

So enjoy this unique extravaganza and happy Oceangraming!

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