It is human tendency that when you watch someone glamorous and quite content with life, you suddenly develop an urge to be one of him or her and ultimately you end up with frustration if nothing materializes out of the effort.

It’s very true b’coz in this part of world women (mojority) don’t dress-up by using their sense of thinking, they just go after the glittering stuff on I should say the in thing. Plus, I like to add the sentence of a designer ( I heard yesterday on Aaj tv) I dont know his name 😦 but he was trying to change the minds of today’s girl by a simple sentence

Go back to those semi-traditional Shalwar Qameez, coz it is very challenging for the designers to cop-up the perfect thing for a girl. Indeed one can herself try anything, b’coz its very intresting to look when the everything get into flow, their hairs, earrings, shoes and more or less their way of handling it all.