Atlast I am back to my blog, and halt from my ISP is over but this post was supposed to be scribbled here 4 days back. It wont be quite mentioning here but I love to say useless things and no one is forcing you to read it. Since my last post I faced very drastic moments as well as some outing too, the most bad experience I faced was my hard disk got rotten and with it my all data too but then like always good days acompany bad days so in last week of July we (me with my family) had good stay at cousin’s house. But still I am spending vacations and I feels like a man in desert with no thing to do just a PC  with an internet connection downloading songs, reading lyrics, reading comics, and the most important Stumbling in FireFox and bookmarking several links to their respective categories but my ISP despite of my e-habbits often disconnects without any reason or due to rain.

Thanks Asma and the author of Kawab Blog to stay in touch.