An asteroid up to half a mile wide is due to brush past the Earth early tomorrow. Discovered in December 2004, it is one of a class of “Apollo” asteroids whose orbits cross that of the Earth. Initially there were concerns that the asteroid might collide with the Earth later this century. However, further analysis of its orbit has ruled this out – at least for the foreseeable future.

Asteroid (generic)

The asteroid was expected to make its closest approach to the Earth at 5.25am tomorrow, UK time. At that moment it will be 268,624 miles away, or 1.1 times the Moon’s average distance from Earth – a near miss in astronomical terms.

It is not big enough to see with the naked eye, but may be spotted by seasoned observers with moderate-sized telescopes.

I still remember when I saw a film name Armagadon, and got so much frightened about the asteroids that now I can’t resist myself reading about any asteroid news.

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