Today, I dont why I am so happy to hear the word blog in a Sunsilk advert, Gang of Girls in which via GANG BLOG,offering girls (i mean only girls) to set-up a blog  though I know, you know, we all know its a part of advertising and to just increase their clients but somehow blogs have managed to offer a duty to connect many like mind people once again !

But It was the first time when I heard the word Blog on TV in a non-computer show MTV Mobbed (though a motorola advert show), offering users to get a personalised blog to share their expriences with motorola mobiles. Earlier it was a BBC computer oriented, informative show Click Online which now has been named Click (dont know why), showing the whole phenomenon of blogs, blogosphere with a reference to, Live Journal, Type Pad.

But I am sure there are more of such kind, anyone knows any ?

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