Since last three weeks I was busy in my 2nd Year Exams, exams are still ON but only two papers are left which are quite easy and I have much time (5 days) for each to get prepared so finally, today took time and managed to leave the blogger and make my way to wordpress.

How it happened and Why? During my exams and before, I was reading, watching and feeling jealous about the so neat and well designed WordPress Blogs, I searched a lot to make those themes work in Blogger but failed. Also, the category thing which blogger lack, meanwhile I tried many free blog hostings and got this and here I am posting my first post.

What Next?In wordpress I will be changing my posting style, writing style and will like to share my written work(which is'nt much) here. Also, I am thinking to add some sections like Funny Lounge, Wallpapers, SMS Messages, etc to be added here and updated regularly.

What about MhGold's Existing Blog? It has been Imported. But its 134 posts are still in uncategorised folder, but soon or gradually I will be catgorising it one by one.