Shoaib Akhtar is said to have the qualities of a star.

A leading Bollywood producer has offered Pakistan’s top cricket star Shoaib Akhtar a lead role in his next film, Gangster.
The producer, Mahesh Bhatt, who has worked with Pakistani actors before, is meeting Akhtar in Karachi next week to persuade him to accept the role.
According to him, Akhtar is amused and surprised by the offer, but is willing to read the script.
Former Pakistani cricketer Mohsin Khan acted in a Bhatt film in 1987.
Mr Bhatt is confident Shoaib Akhtar, arguably the world’s fastest bowler, will accept the offer.
“Once he hears the story he cannot refuse it,” he says.
The proposed film is about an underworld mafia boss who is betrayed by the girl he loves.